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Hi, guys! Just so you all know (and since I have posting access here), I have no idea what happened to ennelya. The last time I talked to her was about a month ago and she was not only busy but was having internet issues. So just so you guys don't have to wait, I'll make the banners for the last challenge as soon as I can.

I also have a question, though- would you guys be interested in continuing the icontest even if I can't get a hold of ennelya? I have no interest in taking over, but if you guys want a Robin Hood icontest, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me running some challenges in her stead. But I don't want to do it unless you guys think it's alright. Please comment here with whether you'd be interested in continuing or not.

Here are the results, congratulations everyone!

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Hi everyone! *waves*

First, I wish you all a happy season, in the company of your friends and family, in this time of the year. Wheter you celebrate it or not, I wish you joy and peace and health, and that you are able to fulfill your dreams in the new year to come! Happy Holidays!

Second, a community announcement, we're having a two week hiatus. Not many people have entered lately, and I believe the best option is having this short vacation (so you can enjoy your Christmas & New Year eve/day free of my begging for entries :P)! Results for the current voting will still be going up on Monday, so please vote! And we'll be back with a new challenge post on Saturday, the 3rd of January of 2009! Until then, be merry ;)
Thank you so much to those who entered! ((()))

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Last day to enter the Ducking and Diving challenge! ENTER HERE!
And here they are:

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I'm sorry this is late, guys! If anyone cares, I was at friend's xmas gifts exchange on Monday, I though I'd make it home in time to post these results, but after the exchange finished our job collocations got out, and we got out of control... And yesterday I went visit an uncle who is at the hospital :(

Voting was really close this week!

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Don't forget about challenge #54 - HERE!
Hi everyone! Ready for a regular episode challenge?

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Current no. of entries: 9, from 3 participants

Any questions/comments/suggestions can be posted in a reply to this post, all comments will be screened.
Great participation this week! Thank you so much everyone!

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Hi folks!

Don't forget to enter our current challenge (Lucy Griffiths) here. You have until tomorrow's evening!