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Robin Hood

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Robin Hood Icon Contest
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BBC Robin Hood Themed Icontest
Welcome to robin_icontest, the LJ icontest about the famous BBC show Robin Hood!


1. All icons must comply with LJ standards:
- max size: 100x100 pixels
- less than: 40 kb
- .jpg, .png or .gif format

2. All entries must be orginal and made for the challenge.

3. You can't post your icon anywhere else before the challenge is over.

4. You can't use other images than the provided for the challenge.

5. You can enter up to 3 icons in each challenge.

6. You can't vote for yourself.

7. Any specific rules for special challenges will be posted with said challenges.


1. You need to be logged on, no anonymous entries.

2. Icons must be submitted in a comment in the entry post only.

3. Please, use the below format:

URL: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a375/ninaeve/icontests/rh23.png


1. New challenges will be posted on Saturday, around 8 p.m. GMT.

2. Entries must be submited until Saturday, 8-10 p.m. GMT.

3. Voting will be posted on Saturday, shortly after the challenge closes.

4. Voting ends on Monday night, when winners are announced.

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